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Miss Beatersville Contest 2015

We will start the contest on-line just like in years past.

On-line Contest:
Registration will open Groudhog day until Wednesday April, 29th at noon.
Voting starts on Friday, May 1st at 10 a.m. The three contestants that get the most "likes" on their Miss Beatersville Contestant picture, will win $25/$15/$10 that will go directly into
their vote count and put them higher in the running for the Grand Prize
that will be awarded at the show.

Want to check out last years contestants, just click here.

Grand Prize:
Last years winner walked away with over $900 in cash and a Bombshell Photo Shoot
with Boudoir Louisville est. retail value $600. So ladies if you're going to be at
the show and want to fill your bag with a bunch of cash, get those submissions in!

How to enter:

Send your best image via email to pease include your name, age, stage name, hometown and anything you think might be interesting to the crowd, rope horses,
sew, build hot rods, you know the stuff that makes you Miss Beatersville material. Images
should be .jpg and as close to 600px x 400px at 150 dpi. We will not include watermarks
from photographers but we can add a photo credit if you include that info. All contestants
are responsible for insuring that all photo rights are clear for use in this contest.

Once voting begins:
Contestants will want to direct all their friends and family to their official "Miss Beatersville Contestant" photo on the Beatersville facebook page and have them "like" it.
The top three contestants will win the on-line contest. Voting will end on Friday, May 23rd
at 4 p.m. The top three contestants will be announced at that time.
You do not have to participate in the on-line contest to win the Grand Prize but it is certainly

Day of the show:

Each eligible contestant must check in at the merch table no later than 12:30. During the band
brake around 1 all Miss Beatersville contestants will be introduced to the crowd and directly
following, voting begins. Voting at the show is by crowd response. Each contestant will have a
jar located at the merch table with your photo and name on it for collecting votes. A vote = $1.
The contestant with the most votes at the end of the contest will be crowned Miss Beatersville
2015 and will win all the money that has been collected by all the other contestants and any
other prizes offered, stay tuned for details.


Contestants are encouraged to have their photos taken with a voter, or car, or bike or what-not
for votes. Miss Beatersville will be crowned after the awards ceremony and all contestants must
be on site. If the winning contestant is not on site the next highest vote count will win the
Grand Prize and all the money. In case of a tie there will be a final vote decided by crowd
response at the crowning. The contestant with the loudest crowd response as guaged by the
judges will be the winner and crowned Miss Beatersville.


Must be eighteen years or older and have vaild state drivers license.
Contestants do not have to be in the on-line contest to participate in the contest and can
register up to May 24th or at the show.
Contestants must be at the venue and check in at the merch table before noon or you could be
disqualified and any on-line votes will go to the next contestant in line.
On-line contestants MUST BE registered before Wednesday April 30th at noon.
No Cheating! Anyone caught cheating will forfeit without notice. We will not warn or tell you
we will just take you out of the contest and all of your votes will go to the next contestant in line.
No lewd or aggressive behavior to voters, other contestants or Beatersville staff.
One vote per person.
Each voter can vote with either a $1 or a $5, $1 = one vote, $5 = five votes.
All submitted photos will be included in the Beatersville web-site, facebook, and flikr pages and it is the respsonsibility of the contestant to insure that clearance is given from the photographer.
Do not include a photographers logo in your photo but please send the name of the photographer and we will included it.
All non-winning contestants agree to give up their votes if they do not win.
Any and all discretions will be handled by the judges and their word is final and binding.
Have Fun!