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Preregistration for the 2015 Beatersville Car and Bike Show will open on Groundhog Day,
February 2nd, 2015, and close on Friday May 16th at noon.
Don't wait, we are limiting the number of Preregistrations this year so get to it.

Beatersville is a pre-68' traditional rod and custom show, take a second to read through
the standards before you preregister. If the promoters feel your car doesn't fits with the
traditional style of the show, you may be denied entry.

On-site registration begins around 10 am day of the show and runs until 4.
Judging will start around 2 and awards will be given out around 7.
Still not sure if your car is right for Beatersville, scroll down for guidelines.

I've been to the show before and I know the deal. Okay well just complete the registration
form here mail it and a check or money order to us:
Beatersville Car and Bike Show, 333 Cannons Lane, Louisville, KY 40206.
You can also pay with paypal

Please make checks payable to: Beatersville Car and Bike Show.

See below for details on vending.

Beatersville Car and Bike show standards:
Ok folks, this is a traditional style show, the way it was done
through the early 70's. If your car has an 8 track player you're in,
but CD and DVD players, flat screens, we'll catch you next weekend at another show.

If you car is covered in modern technology, this isn't your show and you
will be turned away. Now we ain't saying that you had to forge your own engine,
some stuff is going to pass, but it still has to stick with the style of the show, period correct.

Billet is bad, yeah, yeah, its fancy and works right, but it isn't for this show.

No digital dashes and no exterior LED lights.

Unfinished, we understand and that is what this show is about. You can't stay in
the garage all the time!

Trailer Queens, forget about it. There will be dust all over the place at this show and
we wouldn't want your precious car to get dirty!! REALLY NO TRAILER QUEENS!!

Motorcycles, don't have to be pre-68, but still must fit with the style of the show
choppesr, bobbers, what-have-ya. NO BILLET!!

Non-American Cycles, we don't care if it runs on rice or tea and crumpets, but
the same style standards apply.

I've heard some folks say, "well I would like to bring my car, but I have a
nice paint job", we ain't saying your car has to be in primer or unfinished,
what we are saying is that it should be as close to period correct as it can be.
We dig shiny paint too!

Click here for the registration form print it and mail it in:
Beatersville Car and Bike Show
333 Cannons Lane, Louisville, KY 40206.
Please make checks payable to: Beatersville Car and Bike Show.

Vendor Registration
Vending space is $75 per 10x10 to preregister, $125 after noon on Friday May 15th, 2015.
Vendors should be at the show to set up no later than 7 am day of the show.
No exceptions!
Veding space is first come, first served. If you want a prime spot get there early, like 6 a.m.

Vendors CAN NOT sell any food or beverage.
Each vendor will get two wristbands, if you need more they will have to be purchased.

Online registration and pay with Paypal, click here.

To pay with check or money order click here, for the form, print it and mail to the address

Please make all checks payable to: Beatersville Car and Bike Show

and mail to:
333 Cannons Lane
Louisville, KY 40206


Miss Beatersville
Registration and info can be found here.


All parties registering for Beatersville Car and Bike Show must fully understand and agree
to the terms laid out in the registration forms. All vehicles must be insured and all drivers
must have a state issued drivers license.

No outside food or beverage is allowed in the show.

Beatersville is rain or shine.